Positive high quality replica iwc watches , she's normally cast as the villain in movies like "The Pit & The Pendulum" and with 50 films to her credit she's even brought her special brand of evil to the set of Rob Zombie's "Grindhouse". She's also done wicked turns on TV's "The Practice" and other series. But truth be told, actress Lorielle New is a sweetheart - and like many women she loves shoes (she has more than 150 pairs). She recently sat down with Simon Rawley-Wells at sneaker boutique Sportie LA on Melrose Avenue to talk about everything from fright films to footwear.

Simon Rawley-Wells: Tell us about your leading role in "The Pit & The Pendulum," from what you said on the phone it sounds pretty scary.

Lorielle New: It is! It's based on Poe's story, of course iwc replica watch , and I play a hypnotist with a dark past. She's a murderous woman, but I see her as a good girl who's just looking for love.

Simon: Well, you have to embrace your character to play her, right

Lorielle: Exactly! Anyway, it's a very Hitchcock-ian film, more suspense than gore. I brought you a copy, Simon.

Simon: Thanks! Can't wait to watch it! So, how did you and BEARPAW fall in love

Lorielle: I came to the NBA All-Star Weekend launch event here at Sportie LA, actually. BEARPAW was giving away some boots and yes, I fell in love! Now I have 8 pairs. I've been wearing these in the hot weather and they're super comfortable and cute!

Simon: Wow, you ARE really sweet.

Lorielle: (laughs) I know! My friend was casting his movie and he didn't want to let me audition for the good girl. I insisted and got the part!

Simon: Now in addition to motion pictures, you also host a daily show on the Web.

Lorielle: It's called "Live with Lorielle New." I've been doing it over 3 years now, and have had over 1.5 million viewers! It's simulcast live every weekday at 5:15-6:00 on and. You know, some of my guy fans are really liking the mens boots from BEARPAW remember boys, high quality rolex replica BEARPAW isn't just for the girls!

Simon: True! You've got some other endeavors afoot as well, I hear.

Lorielle: I sold my first painting recently! I saw a photo of it in the owner's house, which was awesome.

Simon: So you're diversifying.

Lorielle: Always! Interestingly, I studied business. Early on, I made every effort NOT to go into acting. I tried to be "practical" and "normal." It didn't work. So in spite of people saying "you'll never make it!" I left everything behind and started acting. 50 films later...

Simon: Brilliant! Now before you run off, please tell me about this Web series you're developing. I'm something of a Web celeb myself, you may have noticed.

Lorielle: You are! It's with Regent Entertainment and since I wrote it, I get to be the hero! I play a female action hero who gets to kick the bad guys' asses!

Simon: Finally!

Lorielle: Honestly, iwc replica for sale for me it's all about positivity. I want to make people smile. So if it's films or TV or the Web, or painting, as long as people enjoy it, I'm happy!

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